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Bring objects to life with our community play!

At Marton we are planning  a community excavation, as part of this we hope to create a play based on the objects found and excavated.

If these objects could talk – what would they say about who owned them and what their life was like back in ancient Roman Britain. The idea of our play is to try to bring these objects and artefact’s to life.

We are looking for a wide section of the community who wish to play a part to get involved, this can be to perform or even to work behind the scenes, writing the stories and producing props. We would like as many volunteers as possible.


Uncovering lives of the Roman roadside settlement

Roman remains have been recorded as coming from Marton for many years.  Tillbridge Lane was a major Roman road to York which avoided the Humber crossing, and next to the road in Marton a settlement grew up and flourished throughout the whole of the Roman period.  Finds can still be picked up from the surfaces of the fields which tell us more about how people lived at that time: this and  geophysical survey has told us a little about what is buried below the surface. 

 We are organising an excavation in November 2010 and we want members of the community in and around Marton to come and help.  You don’t need to have any experience, you just need to book a place!


A taste of Roman Britain in Marton

We held our Roman Living History Weekend on 21st and 22nd August in Marton at the Primary School and the Village Hall. Check out the photos…


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