Leave Nothing But Footsteps, Take Nothing But Memories

Leave Nothing But Footsteps, Take Nothing But Memories Blog

Taddington Tales: the film!

The Taddington Tales

It has taken a while but we’ve just posted the wild and wonderful film that arose out of work with Taddington Primary School

Make some popcorn, sit back with a long cold drink and drop into YouTube for a viewing!

Taddington Tales

Project work makes for interesting reading....


Footsteps in Time

Footsteps in time

exploring the history of Dovedale through drama, photography and fun!

we've never found a live one yet, but we keep hoping....

When: Wednesday 27th April 2011 , 11am –  4pm

Where? Dovedale, upstream from the Stepping Stones in the Dovedale Valley. Ordnance Survey grid reference 119:SK151514

How much? activities are FREE, car parking charges apply

How long? activities take 30 minutes – 1 hour. Drop-in during the day: no need to book

What is happening? using old pictures to look at how have people used Dove Dale over the centuries? Visitors will be able to with costume and compose their own historical photos, send postcards through time, make up stories, reconstruct ancient coral reef scenes from when Dove Dale’s limestone was being formed


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