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Lost Scene – found!

Three images follow….did picture 1 become picture 2 and with picture 3 have the Keirl family pinned the scene down?

one of our Lost Scenes

original caption reads " A View on the River Wie in Monsal Dale, two miles north of Bakewell"

add a couple of hundred years and a weir level or two....


Farming Life Centre

I had a cheerful session at the Farming Life Centre at Blackwell Farm a couple of weeks ago. I met a group of some 16 local residents: people who had known the area for many years and who hold in their memories the sort of tasty anecdotes that never quite make it into general histories. Situated about Chee and Millers Dales, we were looking at some of the Museum’s collection of 18th and 19th Century prints and talking about the changes in those Dales in particular

I am left with piles of notes, ideas scribbled all over printouts and a map that is accumulating notations…wondering how I can fit an A2 image into our media files so that it makes any sense at all!



Activities for winter walks?

Planning walks over the winter? Can we offer a new challenge – or maybe an old one – for you. Look at out Lost Scenes images and armed with camera or phone camera, sketchbook and pencil why not try to match modern landscapes to historic scenes

Can you find this scene?

At the moment there are Lost Scenes sets for Dovedale and Monsal Dale. Chee and Millers Dales will follow shortly


Grab your words and fight back!

peaceful moments...

Read the words of  Thomas Gray, visiting the Peaks in 1762….and send us a  response! A sentence, a phrase, a poem, a paragraph, a photo…accept Gray as a challenge!

‘I entered the Peak, a countrey beyond comparison uglier than any other I have seen in England, black, tedious, barren and not mountainous enough to please one with its horrors’. Thomas Gray, 1762


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