Leave Nothing But Footsteps, Take Nothing But Memories

Leave Nothing But Footsteps, Take Nothing But Memories Blog

A Beautiful Afternoon

A day of bright sunshine and brisk autumn weather, and after a morning that called for scraping ice off the car, I had a lovely afternoon in Monsal Dale. We had been hoping for a poetry group who didn’t arrive so I cheerfully accosted visitors to the Dale, giving out copies of our 18th and 19th century prints of the dale and inviting people to find the 21st century version of the same scene

Lots of laughter and uncertainty – now to wait and see what comes back!

Gordon (project artist)


More Lost Scenes!

A challenge for anyone walking in Monsal Dale – can you find the scenes in our

Can you find this scene?

“wanted” posters?

The actual landscape rarely looks like the artistically enthused views of the 18th Century (even with a couple of hundred years of change)…so look for somewhere similar or an action and a venue that holds a similar feel

Send them to us at: footstepsandechoes@yahoo.com


Wanted – lost scenes of Derbyshire

The first series of “Wanted” posters are now available for downloading…encourgaing people to go searching, exploring, delving and staring and fidnign the places that shaped earleir artists’ imaginations.

A Dovedale series are now on line: Millers, Monsal and Chee dale are to follow.

You are invited to take your own photos to capture a similar – or even  the same- scene and send it in


A soggy day in Dovedale

a soggy day in Dovedale

possibly trilobites!

it's amazing what still lurks in these old dales

intrepid MuBu artist braves wild beastes

We tried. We did. We really did. Car full of exciting resources: costumes, cloth for inventing new costumes, cameras, pogo printers, boxes of animals for timelines of life through the dale And it poured. And poured. And we got soaked. Gave up and staggered homewards dripping.  Bother.  But “wanted” posters will be online later today and the surprising sight of mammoths in the rain, braver than us, will warm our hearts for many a chilly autumn eve


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