Leave Nothing But Footsteps, Take Nothing But Memories

Leave Nothing But Footsteps, Take Nothing But Memories Blog

First Poems

words inspired by Period images and poems from the collections and the living places we visited on the first Words and Wonders event

A single leaf falling,

A single tree reflected,

In a dark pool.

A single moment holds


This was one of our “140 characters” poems – a sort of ‘electronic haiku’  - not worrying so much about syllables but looking at how concisely one can express an image without losing the atmosphere

Inspired by Victorian and Edwardian ladies, we dallied with some of the poem forms that might have occupied their leisure hours or picnics with their skirts spread (carefully) on the banks on the Wye…..



Over the stones

Catching a dipper’s eye

Crinolines waver but sway safe



Cranes’ Bill

Nodding gently

Constant water flowing

Bright blue reflecting Summertime


And acrostics

Close by the river

Rippling water passes

A bright blue flower

Nods lightly in the breeze

Ever returning to the

Sparkling waters

Brightness twinkles

In the air

Like seasons

Liking change

and another, trying for the over-rich Edwardian language

Rippling rivulets



Evocations of Derbyshire.

Roaming the vernal dales

We seek only rich rewards

Yearning for

Eternal Balm


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