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New video – Thorpe Camp 40s Weekend

Here’s an interesting MUBU: an audio slideshow featuring narration from the Thorpe Camp 40s Weekend: Watch it here.


New video – Walk In The Woods

Here’s a new video from the MUBU project titled “Walk In The Woods”. It’s an audio-video slideshow of a walk that locals will know well (round the back of the old Spa building and the Kinema).

Watch here:


Nigel’s MUBU video

We had our first MUBU training session this Monday just gone, and within two hours we had several videos, one of which was exported and can now be viewed!

Here’s the video Nigel did: - we used a piece of software called Revelation Sight and Sound, and the aim next week will be to focus on Windows Movie Maker, as several members demonstrated a keen interest in being able to take their videos home to work on them further.

The next training session will be on Monday 6th October at St Andrews Primary School (the computer suite), feel free to pop along and join us if you want to learn how to make some videos!


First MUBU video

Here is the first MUBU video to serve as an example. It’s an introduction to the Cottage Museum and comprises a series of clips with music and narration!

Cottage Museum Introduction (click to watch on YouTube)


5 things to know about a tin hut

1. It rusts so needs regular painting

2. In high winds and when bombs drop the roof rises and the builder needs to hammer the bolts back in

3. A company called Boulton and Paul made it  flat-packed  for ease of transport

4. There’s more than one in Woodhall Spa but one owner was embarrassed and put a brick coating round his years ago

5. Ours has been on the site since 1887 and is now a museum. 

The Cottage Museum


My Woodhall Spa

Woodhall Spa is weird…




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Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum is an accredited independent museum in the heart of Lincolnshire. It is run entirely by volunteers and is housed in a rare Boulton and Paul prefabricated corrugated iron bungalow. The fascinating displays tell the story of a unique spa village, its exclusive Edwardian clientele and its 20th century military connections. Information is also provided on older features in the area such as the abbeys at Kirkstead and Stixwould and the Tower-on-the -Moor, a 15th century hunting lodge.