Coalmining Representation in the Heritage Sector of the East Midlands

Coalmining Representation in the Heritage Sector of the East Midlands Blog

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B is for Banners (Mining Trade Union Banners)

How many of the Trade Union banners from East Midlands pits have survived the rundown of the industry over the last two and a half decades?  They were once a common site during miners galas and strikes when the branch banner was paraded.  Most of the banners were last seen during the year long dispute of 1984-85.

Some survive in storage at the UDM Miners office in Mansfield.  Among them is the Annesley NUM Banner which was delivered new to the branch just two-months prior to the start of the 1984-85 strike period.


Having the Crack – Horse and Jockey – Selston – 17th November 2010

Having the Crack – Pit Humour and Pit Poetry – 17th November 2010

A well attended event was held at Selston’s Horse and Jockey on the Wednesday evening of 17th November.

Attraction included Morris Dancing and Bull Guysing with the Ripley Morris Men, the Selstonia Heritage Songs Group and Pit Humour and Pit Poetry with the MuBu Miner.

Alan Taylor sung his song “When Coal was King” and the MuBu miner told stories and read poems from fomer Annesley Deputy, Colin Varnham.

The event was part of the Selstonia Living Heritage Project Autumn 2010 events.

The Horse and Jockey is a traditional pub serving Real Ales.  It is situated on Church Lane in Selston.

Misk Hills Mountain Ramber sings "When coal was King"


B is for the Bolsover Colliery Company – Golden Jubilee Souvenir

B is for the Bolsover Company

Bolsover Colliery Company – Golden Jubilee Souvenir (1889 – 1939)

This gem of a booklet was loaned to me recently by an old miner and gives a potted history of the once vast Bolsover Company which ran six collieries in the Derbyshire and Notts coalfields. 

Collieries the Company ran were as follows

Bolsover – sunk 1889 – closed 1993

Cresswell – sunk 1895 – closed 1991

Mansfield (Crown Farm) – sunk 1904/05 – closed 1988

Rufford – sunk 1912/13 – closed 1993

Clipstone – sunk 1920/22 – closed 2005

Thoresby – sunk 1927/28 – still open, the last working colliery in the Notts Coalfield. 

The Company was a  benevolent employer and built the “Model Villages” at Cresswell, Forest Town, Rainworth and Edwinstowe.  The Company also ran a Camp at Rhyl in North Wales.  It is fitting that one of the last operating collieries in the country is a Bolsover Company pit.



About this Sponsor

The MuBu Coalmining Project took place from April 2010 to the end of March 2012.  The remit was two-fold - firstly to see how the once vast coalmining industry in the East Midlands was represented in the Heritage sector and secondly to bring aspects of social media to that representation. The Coal mining project was funded by Renaissance East Midlands (REM) and the Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) at the University of Nottingham. The Bursary holder was Dr. David Amos who completed a PhD on the 1984-85 Miners Strike in the Nottinghamshire Coalfield. David is an ex miner, having worked in the deep mining coal industry at Annesley Colliery for 24 years.