DEN Project

Sound Effects

We borrowed Chinese traditional games Mahjong, so we can collect gambling sounds easily, like rolling dice and public chatting in the room, also create some sound like” Gan Bei” (means “Cheers”) sounds. Meanwhile, we also record some fighting sounds like kicking sounds and punching sounds, the process of recording these sounds is interesting, we go to the wollaton deer park to record wind sounds, leaf sounds, birds sounds, even deer eating grass sounds, in the studio, we wave clothes to imitate the dragon wings and pitch shifted the recordings down. For the fire sounds we rustled some packaging close to the microphone. Olivia and Adam also create some wonderful background music, the music in opening scene is perfect, now we are working on the final party background music, we try to use Chinese traditional instrument “Suona”  a Chinese a woodwind instrument to make the last scene getting better.

Xin Yi


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