DEN Project

Practice Makes Perfect

On the week two work shop we divided our group into three parts: one part made sounds for animation, another part made backgrounds or props, the rest did animation.
I joined in the animation group and Trevor taught us how to use the camera and computer as well as the software. The animating process called for great patience and time. There are several stages for that. Before we created the animation we needed to consider which scene we wanted to do and chose the figures. Then, we needed to consider all the actions for these figures and the positions for each frame. After designing the simple actions we tried to put the puppets on the green screen background to test wether the figures would move as we wanted. By doing these preparations we were not only familiar with the camera and the software but also clear about what we could do for each frame.
The puppet must be moved very carefully and slightly each time to finish one action. Sometimes we made mistakes, for example we moved the wrong arms or legs or puppets and we had to redo the frame. Practice makes perfect, we did quite well after experienced these mistakes.
We enjoyed the process though it was a little boring sometimes.

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