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Chinese Animation Update

Hello all. Our animation for the Living In Silk project is steadily coming together. Images have been fleshed out from storyboards to nearly-finished, stop-motion scenes. Moving each character’s limb millimeter by millimeter has been a laborious but rewarding process for the animators, and the results are fun to behold on screen. We have a new appreciation for the art of traditional animating. I myself have found great enjoyment in the sound design and music composition department; using computers and other technologies to replicate the sounds of traditional instruments for instance, and playing objects in unusual ways in order to create the sound effects we need for the movements that will happen on screen. Take for example, the rustling of package filling close to the microphone for crackling fire, and the flapping of coats, pitch-shifted down on the computer, for the wings of a dragon as it flies. Inspiration was taken from vintage Russian animation which we found to be haunting and atmospheric, and quite advanced for the times they were produced in.  Hopefully, our short will also have plenty in terms of atmosphere. We shall keep you posted again very soon…



Living in Silk