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MuBu sharing best practice at Newark Town Hall

On Friday 4th March I attended the MuBu sharing best practice event held at Newark Town Hall. This was a great opportunity to hear just a little of what a selection of the other MuBu project have been up to. Many of the projects have successfully worked with community groups to produce new engagements with museum collections, through performance, film, and new exhibitions (some of which are still to come).

I also got to catch up with the other MuBu bursary project holders and we all presented briefly on our progress. It was really great to be able to present to an audience of museum professionals and afterwards several people came up to me with new leads on interesting weather and climate related objects held in the region. David and Cynthia are going to be continuing their projects for another 9 months, however I’m winding up my own project now but still have a number of events and activities scheduled that are related to the project so please do check back for new posts, photos and developments! I do also promise to follow up those new leads…

I’ll end this post with a thank you to all those involved in the MuBu scheme and to everyone who has helped me out with my research. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my bursary project and greatly appreciated the opportunity to work in the museums sector. I’ve learned lots!