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24th November

On Sunday 14th November Mary set out to film the Remembrance Day ceremonies in the town as I was away on holiday.  I knew this would be a difficult assignment because of the difficulty of seeing over the crowds in the streets and the unpredictable nature of the parade.  However, Mary did extremely well.  She is so intrepid!  She even stood in the middle of the road with the marching band at the head of the parade marching towards her head on!  Luckily she nipped out of the way just in time!  She had the marvelous idea of going up to old men in the street and asking to film their medals and at the end of the ceremonies she even had the police holding back the traffic in Market Street while she filmed the War Memorial!  Well done Mary.

I have nearly finished editing the Churches film.  We just want to do one more piece to camera with the two of us to give it a proper finish.  We will be out and about on the streets on 4th December filming the Christmas street activities in Ashby.

Well the end of the year approaches and the end of our project although we still have a lot of editing to do.  We are planning our “Premiere” which we hope will be in the first week of March but more news of that later.


November 2nd

We had a very interesting time in Nottingham today.  The Museum Service had invited us to Nottingham Castle to the launch of their film about the history of the Player’s company.  Quite a few of the former employees who appeared in the film were there and it was a very good 30 minute film which gave us food for thought here in Ashby!  We were also able to show a short compilation of our films and people were very complimentary and interested in that. Below is the title scene from the compilation.

St Helen's Church Ashby January 2010

The first memorable event of the year was the weather!

Since my last post I have been in to Willesley Primary School to show the children and the teacher how to edit the film that they shot at our Museum.  We will be invited back to see the results some time before Christmas.  We were also invited to Holy Trinity Church on Sunday evening to film the evening communion.  Although we have shot quite a lot of film of Ashby churches we had not managed to get any footage of the permanent vicar of Holy Trinity so it was nice to be able to do that. 

We have had a further message from Ashby School (former grammar school) asking us to help their year 10 film makers with some historical “props” for their films about the Whitwick Colliery Disaster and also World War II.  Their teacher is coming down to the Museum on Wednesday so I hope we can help them out then.

Editing the compilation for today’s event has taken up quite a bit of time over the past week but it was worth it and now that is done I can get back to editing our other footage – and there is still plenty of it!!


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