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27th October

During half term, which was last week here in Leicestershire, Mary and I took advantage of a quiet time to go round and film the outside of the Ashby schools.  These shots will form part of our seciton on schools.

Today, 18 Year 6 children came in to the Museum to make their films about Dolly Shepherd, the Civil War soldier and the miner.  We were very impressed with the research they had done and the writing they had done (even the boys!) and most of them had learnt their words off by heart.  They had even made their own props to go in the film.  It was rather noisy in the gallery with three groups filming simultaneously so the voice recording didn’t come out as well as we might have hoped but we may be able to record voiceovers in some cases at the editing stage to improve things.  I worked with the Civil War groups and I have just looked through the raw footage of the Dolly Shepherd groups.  I am looking forward to seeing the work of the mining group now.  I am going in to the school on Friday afternoon to show them how to edit their film.  I will then leave each group to edit their own films in their own time and we’ll return to the school in due course to see the finished results.


October 16th

We have had a lovely day on the film-making course today and everyone who came took a very active part and enjoyed it very much.  They made a short information film about Ashby Museum and learnt a lot about filming techniques and editing skills.  Everyone went home with a copy of their film on DVD!

Earlier in the week I was at Ashby CE Primary School teaching some of the Year 6 children to edit their film.  They have shot quite a lot on various aspects of Ashby but we concentrated on the film they had shot of the Statutes annual fair so that they could learn the basic techniques.  The Head and the children are now very enthusiastic film-makers and the school is investing in more cameras!  I noticed a note in the Museum today to the effect that some of the children are coming down to take some shots in the Museum.

Mary has arranged for us to film the evening service at Holy Trinity Church at the end of the week so the section on churches will not be finished until after that.  Meanwhile I have moved on to editing the film I shot about the staging of the play Rebecca at Ashby’s Venture Theatre and I hope to be uploading that to our website very soon.


10th October

Our film of Ashby Statutes, which I have called the Coming of Autumn, is now on our website.  Another YouTube user has kindly allowed us to add some of his footage of the Waltzers in action to liven it up as I was not able to visit the fair when it was at its busiest at night.

The children from Willesley Primary School had a very successful visit to the Museum last Wednesday to see what they were going to make their films about.  They were introduced to Dolly Shepherd, the early 20th century lady parachutist, a Civil War soldier and an early 19th century miner and I told them about the scary things each of these people did in their lives.  Each group of three children will work on just one of these characters to make a short film which aims to convince the audience that what their character did was the scariest!  The children will return to the Museum to film at the end of October and I will go into school soon after that to help them edit it and produce the finished films.

Year 10 students at Ashby School (formerly Ashby Grammar School) are also making films.  I have arranged permission for them to film “on location” in the grounds of Ashby Castle at the end of October and it will be interesting to see the results of their creative efforts. 

I am also due to go into Ashby CE PRimary School this week to teach the Year 6 children there how to edit their films about Ashby.

On Saturday 16th October we are running a film making course at the Museum which should be great fun.  The camera training we had arranged for Museum volunteers had to be postponed but is now due to run in November.

I am currently editing the Churches sections of our film series.  This is a big section as so many of the churches have wanted to take part in the project and we want to produce something that gives a fair representation of what they do, not only in their Sunday services but social activities with the local community too.  Still lots more raw footage to be edited in other sections too so we are very busy!


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