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30th September

We managed to get some filming done at the fair both during the day and in the evening so hopefully have captured something of the atmosphere.  We have upgraded our film editing capabilities so that we are now using Final Cut on a Macbook.  It took a bit of getting used to but I am now half way through editing the fair footage.

Last Sunday we returned to Ashby Congregational Church to film their Harvest Festival which was very pleasant.  After that we took ourselves off to the Bath Grounds to film the Mayor’s Charity event.  Lots of children’s rides and vintage tractors!  Had a word with Hermitage Radio who said that they would be interested in having us on their programme so we will follow that up.

I also attended the first performance of Rebecca at The Venture Theatre and filmed some of the scenes.    The idea for the project is to show the play from its earliest stages through to final performance with all the work that goes on in between but not the whole play itself.

Finally another of the Ashby primary schools has been in touch and I have put together an idea for their year 6 children to come down to the Museum in October to make some short films based on people represented in the main gallery.  Another Ashby school has been in touch with a rather ambitious plan to make a film about Ivanhoe in the grounds of Ashby Castle.  It would be good if we could do it but I will have to speak to English Heritage to see whether they will let us!


16th September

The Tennis Club had a good day on Sunday for their tournament and it was great to see so many people in the club house and on the balconies watching.  We got some good shots of the tennis.

Filming the Ashby Writers’ Club was very interesting and everyone was very happy to be filmed reading out examples of their work.  It was interesting to see the range of writing being produced, poetry, short stories and chapters from novels and to listen to the friendly, constructive criticism after each piece.

Today the Statutes fair started to arrive.  I had a walk round this afternoon because I wanted to film some of the trailers etc to make an introduction to our piece on the fair.  I spoke to some of the fairground people to ask if they minded me filming their caravans and they were extremely friendly and co-operative.  The fair doesn’t officially open until tomorrow night but I noticed tonight that the Waltzers are already up and running in Brook Street!

I have written a newsletter and progress report on our project which we are going to circulate to the schools and churches in the hope that the few who have not yet taken part will do so.


11th September

Well after a short lull we are busy filming again.  Friday (yesterday) saw me at a local primary school in Ashby training some of the Year 6 children how to shoot a film.  They will go on to make a film of their own about Ashby and I will return next month to show them how to edit it.

Mary has had a lovely afternoon at the Ashby Bowls Club and tomorrow I will be filming Ashby Tennis Club.  On Tuesday I will be at Ashby Writer’s Club and the following weekend we will be filming the Statutes fair in the centre of Ashby.


2nd September

Our film about the staging of Rebecca at The Venture Theatre  is coming along.  I should be putting it all together soon (opening night 23rd September) but it won’t be finished until after the last night party!  Meanwhile we have varous sports clubs events coming up, Ashby Statutes and Mary has even found out about a tractor event on the Bath Grounds!


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