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23rd July

Well another busy week for the project team.  It started with a visit to The Hub in Ashby where we filmed some people on a NEET course who are working on a marketing campaign for the Ashby Fair Trade shop.  It will culminate with a fashion show at the Venture Theatre in August and we’ll be visiting them again then.

On Friday there was a photo shoot for the posters for the forthcoming play at The Venture Theatre so we went along to record that part of the process of putting on the play.

Yesterday (Sunday) saw us at St Helens Church in Ashby filming part of the family communion service.  We will be editing the churches section of the film project soon and giving a copy on DVD to the churches who have taken part. 

Not all of the sections of our film will be uploaded to our website as some are a bit sensitive.  This will apply to the sections on churches and the schools.


July 16th

Another busy week.  Over the next few weeks we will be filming the various stages of putting on a new play at the Venture Theatre in Ashby.  We filmed part of an audition a few weeks ago and this week we went in to film part of a rehearsal at this early stage when the actors are on the stage but with no set and still with the scripts in their hands.  It is interesting to see the director trying out different moves and ways of presenting the dialogue.

On Wednesday we had a meeting at the Museum with a teacher from Ashby School.  She will be bringing in some groups of Year 10 students (15 year olds) in the autumn who will be using displays, objects and themes in our Museum to inspire their own film making.  This will be very exciting and we are particularly pleased to be working with this age group.

We have finished editing the film we shot at Ashby Show and it is being uploaded to YouTube as I write.  In a day or so you will be able to see it on our Museum website using this link:


July 11th Ashby Show

We had a great day at Ashby Show and did lots of filming.  We were very lucky with the weather considering how wet it was the following day.  We will start editing this footage this week and hope to have something for you to see soon.

Keep an eye on our Museum website:


8th July

We had a very good meeting at The Hub today and found out that they don’t just work with young people.  They run courses for and work with people of all ages, abilities and disabilities.  After some discussion we agreed to try to do three things:

1. There is a NEET course running on Thursday afternoons (Not in Education, Employment or Training).  They are currently working on a marketing campaign for the Fair Trade shop in Ashby and this will result not only in posters and leaflets but also a fashion show probably in the second week of August.  We plan to film the class working on their campaign at The Hub and then film the culmination when they put on their fashion show.

2. We are hoping to interest young people who use the Youth Lounge upstairs in recording a video diary.  This will probably be a mixture of them expressing their views on life in Ashby today and them answering questions put by older people such as “Why do you hang around the benches on the Bath grounds?”.  If you are an older person in Ashby and you would like to ask the youth of today something, let us know!

3. We hope we can show something of the youth street life in Ashby but also put a bit of a positive spin on it showing what the youth workers are doing to help.  We have suggested that a small group of people might like to make up a story about something that happens on the street and has at least a partly positive outcome.  We hope that they will write and act in the drama and also that they will want to film and edit it with our help.

This project just grows and grows.  It is becoming more like a full time job!  The next appearance of our film crew will be at Ashby Show on Sunday.  If you see us about come up and say hello.


7th July

We had a very good meeting with Ashby CE Primary School today.  We will be going in in the Autumn to support the children and staff when they start making their films about places they think are important in Ashby – including our Museum!  We had a tour of the school and were very impressed with the displays, the facilities and the lovely outdoor areas.  We will include a tour of the school in our AAshby 2010 film.  I am sure lots of Ashby people will be interested to see it, especially those who went to Ashby CE School themselves (known locally as Burton Road School) and perhaps haven’t seen inside a primary school since!


6th July 2010 Woodcote Primary School

I went back to Woodcote Primary School this morning to see the children’s film about their school.  They had done very well and just needed a bit of help from me to finish it off.  This is the first time film making has been undertaken in the school and the Deputy Head (also the class teacher) is very grateful for the training and support offered by Ashby Museum.  We have a copy of the children’s film which we will keep in the Museum archives but because of the sensitivity surrounding putting child images on the net we will not be showing it on our Website.


Twinning Association Film

Just checking our Museum website stats for yesterday I see that the page with the new fim about the Twinning Association was very popular yesterday (the film was available from yesterday morning via YouTube).  Good to see that a number of hits came from France!  Obviously they were looking to see themselves and their friends but it brings more traffic to our site and to our Museum.

Film can be seen on our page:


July 2010

We are getting ready to film the Ashby Show this coming weekend.  Woodcote School should also have their film finished this week and I am going in to see it tomorrow.  I went in last week again to help the children start the editing process so hopefully they will have done it all by tomorrow.

This is the week we have our meeting with The Hub and also with Ashby CE Primary School (known to everyone as Burton Road Achool).


June 2010

The Ashby de la Zouch – Pithiviers Twinning Association celebrated its 50th anniversay this month.  60 French guests came over for a long weekend and we joined them on the Sunday to film the events of the day.  The weather started to get warm again so it was a perfect day for it.  Plenty of good footage which we have now edited and put on the Museum website.

I made contact with the manager of The Hub in Ashby and set up a meeting which hopefully will allow us to involve more young people in our project.  Mary has been busy filming some of the social activities put on by local churches.

We have also filmed some of the “leisure and hobby” groups such as The Art Club, the Historical Society and have made arrangements to film the Writers Club.   We have yet to make contact with any sports groups but must do so soon.

Mary is also directing the next play at The Venture Theatre so it is an ideal opportunity to film a production from the audition stage through to the final dress rehearsal.


May 2010

Up to this point, only one of the Ashby schools had replied to my letters sent out in January so I wrote round to them again suggesting more ideas for getting them involved in our project including offering them free training in film making.

Woodcote School had already contacted us and I went in to the school to teach the Year 6 children and their teacher some basic video editing techniques.  I then left them to make their own film about their school.

At the end of the month, Ashby’s Arts Festival took place and we managed to get plenty of footage of the various events.  We also visited the Baptist Church where they were putting on a whole week of French activities so that local elderly people could have a “Holiday at Home”.

Several more schools have now been in touch wanting to take part in our project.  They all want to start in the Autumn term which is a good thing as we are pretty busy for the next two months.


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