Alice Hawkins And The Footwear Industry

Alice Hawkins And The Footwear Industry

A Few Facts About Alice Hawkins

Here is a few interesting facts about Alice you might not know:

  • In 1876 her family moved to Leicester to find work in the shoe trade.
  • In 1886 Alice joined the Equity Shoes of LeicesterĀ as a shoe machinist
  • Alice joined a suffragette meeting in Hyde Park on the day of the state opening of Parliament. Arrested on the same day for disorderly conduct at the gates of the House of Commons and given 14 days in Holloway with 28 other women.
  • Alice imprisoned for 14 days in 1909 for trying to force an entry into the meeting hall.
  • The Leicester City Council fixed a blue plaque on the wall of the Equity shoe factory in memory of Alice.

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