Alice Hawkins And The Footwear Industry

Alice Hawkins And The Footwear Industry

The Three Films

There are going to be three films created for the new museum galleries. After a couple of meetings with Philip French (Curator – Leicester History, Newarks Houses Museum) we have decided on the themes and are now in the research and development stage.

The three films are:

Film 1: Alice Hawkins and the Footwear Industry
Film will document the legacy of Alice Hawkins, Leicester’s first suffragette and her time working in the footwear industry.

Film 2: Pat Keeling and the Hosiery Industry
Interviews with Pat Keeling about her experiences of working for the hosiery industry in Leicester as a model and her current work she is doing with her modelling industry in the local area.

Film 3: Montage of Leicester Industries
A film looking at areas of the Footwear and Hosiery industry at the start of the century in Leicester and what those buildings are today.


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