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The Second Batch Has Arrived!

The second batch of ‘Derby on Film’ DVDs are out! Eight sets of eight DVDs have been sent out to libraries around Derbyshire and are now available to borrow and view. We now have eight complete sets of DVDs in eight different locations across Derbyshire.

  • Alfreton Library
  • Bakewell Library
  • Ashbourne Library
  • Long Eaton Library
  • Mobile Vans
  • Matlock Local Studies
  • Derbyshire Record Office
  • Chesterfield Local Studies
  • DVD0009 Ashbourne, Parwich and Wirksworth:- A mixed DVD starting with well dressing in Wirksworths and showing footage of villages in Derbyshire such as Parwich, Bradbourne, Brassington and Kniveton. This DVD also features Ashbourne Shovetide Football from the 1950s. This DVD mainly has no sound, the film quality varies and is in both black and white and colour.
  • DVD0038 Kniveton, Hognaston and Ashbourne:- Again this is a real mixed bag of footage, showing fox hunting, Point to Point and pheasant shooting, footage of the 1935-7 Ashbourne Show and Derby County Football team. This DVD also has footage of local people from Kniveton, Kirk Ireton and Hognaston. This DVD has no sound and is mainly black and white, the film quality varies.
  • DVD0047 Illegal Street Gambling in Chesterfield:- This is a short DVD showing early police surveillance footage from around the 1930s of a group of street gamblers in Chesterfield Market Place. This DVD is in black and white and has no sound.
  • DVD0068 Shovetide Ashbourne Football:- This is a modern DVD from 1987 documenting the Shovetide Football match. This DVD has interviews with players’ present and past (both Uppers and Downers), footage of the game being played, speeches and the Ashbourne Football song. This DVD gives give a real insight into the traditions of the game showing the action and events over the two day game in 1987. This DVD has good sound and is in colour, the film quality is generally good.

Now we are looking for feedback, if you have watched the DVDs and enjoyed them or know someone in the them or have information on them please let us know. We are always looking for more information about our footage.

Derby County Fans at the Victory Parade, 1987

Derby County Fans at the Victory Parade, 1987


‘Derby on Film’ Arrives in your Local Library

Derby on Fillm DVDs

The first batch of ‘Derby on Film’ DVDs have been sent out to a selection of libraries around Derbyshire and are available on general loan. The DVDs have a mixed selection of film and cover a wide range of subjects from limestone quarrying to bread making. Copies of the DVDs will also be available at Matlock Record Office, Matlock Local Studies and Chesterfield Local Studies for library use only.  The libraries are:-

  • Ashbourne Library
  • Alfreton Library
  • Long Eaton Library
  • Bakewell Library
  • Mobile Van
  • DVD0007 Derbyshire Villages:- Footage from all over Derbyshire from around the 1950s, this shows villages like Edensor, Monsal Dale, Lathkill Dale and Dove Dale. It also has a good selection of farmers markets, parades and sports. This DVD has no sound and is mainly in black and white, the picture quality varies.
  • DVD0017 High Peak Rail:- showing footage of steam trains from the late 1950s. This film shows the end of steam as Dr Beeching reforms come into to force with a farewell to the Cromford and High Peak Special and Birmingham to Birkenhead routes. This DVD has no sound and is in colour.
  • DVD0022 Long Eaton Co-operative Society:- A mixed selection of footage from the 1930s showing the building and opening ceremony of the Emporium, the 1934 Long Eaton Hospital Carnival,  and local fairs and celebrations. This DVD also has footage of a mobile hardware store, ‘Staff of Life’ showing bread making from the field to the plate and Meadow Lane Diary. The DVD has no sound and is in black and white.
  • DVD0035 Buxton Limestone Quarrying:- Well put together silent footage of limestone quarrying techniques in the 1930s. Showing removing the limestone from the cliff face, loading and moving the stone, all the way to spreading the finished product. The DVD has no sound and is in black and white, the picture quality is good.

Three more DVDs will soon follow, with more footage of Derbyshire including illegal street gambling in Chesterfield, well dressing in Wirksworth and Derby County football.


Film Clips and Trailers

Just a quick blog to let everyone know that two Derby on Film trailers and five short clips are now up on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. Click on the links to be taken to the pages.

The five clips we have are:-

  • Asbourne Shovetide Football- This clip shows a group of men taking part in this traditional event in wet conditions!
  • Long Eaton Carnival- This clip shows floats and parades from the hospital carnival in Long Eaton dated around the early 1930s.
  • High Peak Rail- Film from the early 1960s before the route was cut by Dr Beeching’s report, the clip shows a steam engine being watched by onlookers.
  • Illegal Street Gambling in Chesterfield- Police surveillance film from the early 1930s, this is an early example of film footage being used as evidence in a court case. Can you spot the punters from the bookmakers?
  • The Ashbourne Show- Clip from the 1930s showing horses and cattle being displayed at the annual show, which still takes place.

Please click on the links to view the film, we would welcome any feedback or further information on the film.

Long Eaton Carnival, 1930


The Next Step…

The betamax have been converted, the footage has been watched and duplicate DVDs have been made. Now the project moves on to the fun bit, getting the footage out there!

In the next few weeks we hope to have two short trailers showing a selection of film up on you tube, as well as five short clips of some our favorite footage. Long Eaton carnival, illegal street gambling in Chesterfield, High Peak Rail and the Ashbourne Show.  Once these are up on you tube i will hopefully add a bit more information about them. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook pages as soon as the footage is online we will tweet and let everyone know.

Now we need your help! We want your opinions on the film, is this interesting? Is this relevant? Is this useful? Can you tell us any more information about the film location? Event? Maybe you attended? Is there someone you know in the film? We also need train enthusiasts, we have forty minutes of the High Peak Rail and its farewell journey, could you tell us about the engines, stations and route the train took? We’re hoping to show some of the film to local groups in the area, if your groups wants to get involved contact us.

Our next aim is to get copies of these films into local libraries and museums where they can be viewed and borrowed by everyone.

The Cromford and High Peak Railway, 1959


Burt Reynolds, John Cleese and the Staff of Life

Shrove Tuesday Football, Ashbourne

Shrove Tuesday Football, Ashbourne

Having just finished watching and making notes on 57 DVDs worth of converted film footage from Buxton Museum, I thought a top five highlights and low lights would be an interesting topic. This collection has some really interesting and funny pieces but it also has a good amount of rubbish too. The first thing that comes to mind is the 1970s Burt Reynolds film followed closely by Carry on Cruising! The 1980s footage of Noel Edmunds made me cringe and I have no idea why an episode of Mastermind was in there. There were also around 6 hours of road safety film from the 1950s and 60s which ranged from terrifying to ridiculous and an industry film on interviewing techniques with John Cleese, Tony Robinson and Andrew Sachs!

Despite some of the less historically important  films I’ve looked at, the collection also held some fantastic pieces, here are my five highlights of the collection:-

1. 1930s police surveillance footage of street gambling in Chesterfield, used as evidence in convicting the criminals.

2. 1950s film of Ashborne’s Shrove tide Football match showing lots of mud and enthusiasm for the annual event.

3. ‘The Staff of Life’ a bread making film showing the process from harvesting the wheat in the field, to baking the doe in the factory and finishes up by being eaten by some happy children.

4. Limestone quarrying in Derbyshire, this film shows the men prepping for an explosion; they show very little concern for health and safety!

5. Footage of High Peak Railway on its last run before being cut due to Dr Beeching’s report.

The Workmen with a Drill and Crane, Dene Quarries, Cromford, c 1950s


Rope Making at Peak Cavern

Rope making in Peak Carvern, part of Derbyshire’s film collection.


Exercise Seagull and Rope Maker

Information about some of the titles for the Buxton Film collection currently being digitized.


Welcome to Derby on Film

Making Derbyshire’s film collection currently stored at MACE available to a much wider audience.


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