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The Next Step…

The betamax have been converted, the footage has been watched and duplicate DVDs have been made. Now the project moves on to the fun bit, getting the footage out there!

In the next few weeks we hope to have two short trailers showing a selection of film up on you tube, as well as five short clips of some our favorite footage. Long Eaton carnival, illegal street gambling in Chesterfield, High Peak Rail and the Ashbourne Show.  Once these are up on you tube i will hopefully add a bit more information about them. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook pages as soon as the footage is online we will tweet and let everyone know.

Now we need your help! We want your opinions on the film, is this interesting? Is this relevant? Is this useful? Can you tell us any more information about the film location? Event? Maybe you attended? Is there someone you know in the film? We also need train enthusiasts, we have forty minutes of the High Peak Rail and its farewell journey, could you tell us about the engines, stations and route the train took? We’re hoping to show some of the film to local groups in the area, if your groups wants to get involved contact us.

Our next aim is to get copies of these films into local libraries and museums where they can be viewed and borrowed by everyone.

The Cromford and High Peak Railway, 1959


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