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Drama at Marton school

I went to watch a Roman play at Marton Primary School on 15th February – it was fantastic!!

We employed Fergus and Laura from Sezu Theatre to come into school and work with the Junior children for two days (14th and 15th February).  They handled and discussed real finds from the Roman settlement site, including brooches, coins, tweezers, cosmetic tools and pottery.  Then they came up with a play about a Roman Market, with a well-to-do family doing their shopping.  The children made all their own scenery, with stalls selling food, jewellery, weapons, pottery and even slaves.  They re-made some of the finds they had seen out of cardboard to sell on their stalls.

The children had a lovely time, and their headteacher said ‘This really is what learning is about – fun, enthusiasm and inspiration’. 

They performed their play for their families, which got a really big round of applause.

The slave stall

Selling slaves in the Roman Market


The whole cast

The whole cast in the Roman Market

Jewellery Land

Roman Jewellery Land


Living history images…

We have some great images to show you from the Roman Living History weekend.  Click here to see the You Tube slide show.


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