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The latest on the Marton project

We are hoping to reschedule the digging and all the school activities on the Roman roadside settlement in Marton to March 2011, although this will depend entirely on when the field will be available.

Meanwhile, in the New Year, we will be going ahead with our community drama based on the archaeology.  If you would like to volunteer to help out please do get in touch.


Marton dig under a snow drift

The excavation of the Roman roadside settlement was due to start at Marton this week for two weeks, ending on Sunday 12th December.  You will have already guessed that we have had to postpone it due to the weather, although we are reviewing the conditions every day. The school acivities have also been postponed.   Hopefully the weather will improve soon, and we’ll be able to carry on!

Littleborough Lane under snow

The old Roman Road at Marton under snow on 3rd December


The site huts under snow, Marton is in the background.

Site huts under snow, with Marton village in the background


The trench at Marton under snow

The archaeological trench at Marton under snow


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