DEN Project

Nottingham from the East, 1700

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There is the potential to explore local history and geography when looking at this painting.

  • Look at changes in the environment as part of geography. Base a design technology project on spotting and recreating recognisable buildings depicted in the painting.
  • Linking to geography, look at places or buildings depicted in the painting, and look for those place names on local maps.  e.g. River Leen school, the Arkwright building
  • Using design technology as a basis for a project, look at the differences in transport between today and when the painting was depicted.
  • Social history:  Look at the people in the painting –what would their jobs be?  What were their backgrounds?  Who lived in the big houses?  This could act as a stimulus for creative writing.
  • Linking to geography and the science curriculum, look at the production of food as depicted in the painting and think about how this has changed.
  • Explore the connection between social history and changes in the built environment.
  • Look at how the industrial revolution has impacted on the environment and further develop this into looking at local industry.
  • Produce an ICT and photographic project that demonstrates how our visual landscape has changed since Jan Siberechts painted this view.
  • Linking to the science curriculum, look at weather patterns.


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