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Reporting time is always rather surreal – this quarter we’ve been counting in more than 50 reports from individual projects, giving them a quick read to check all’s well, and pulling them together into an overall project report for our board. We’re working on very tight deadlines and have to get it all together for the end of the week, whilst continuing website training days and helping out at the Derbyshire Heritage Awards – but those are the fun parts of our work so no one is complaining.

Once reporting time is over we can concentrate on the development of the MuBu project. Rob and the team from the Digital Learning Agency are doing a great job encouraging projects to blog and adding creative deisgn work for projects, as well as developing the MuBu site. It’s coming together really well and we’re all really pleased with the results – just need to keep on blogging!

The Network and Training group are learning about how to engage young audiences, and have had recent sessions in audio and video creation. Similarly the scholarships are all progressing, Lucy, David and Cynthia have all been on the MuBu training so we cancontact them and keep track of their progress through this site.

Now the projects are underway, the next steps for the MuBu team include developing the evaluation plan  and engaging creative writers and artists to contribute to the projects. Any MuBu museum project that would like to be involved please get in touch – I am consulting with artist groups and agencies over the next few weeks to shape the brief – so if you’d like to take part now would be an ideal time so we can build your ideas in. Caroline is busy developing the link between our regional online collections and the Culture Grid – nice and techie for her!


End of Quarter 1

It’s the end of the first quarter of the year and the projects are underway. It’s been a very busy time; we’ve started training in using the MuBu site and the site itself has undergone considerable changes and developments. A number of projects have started blogging and using Twitter and Flickr to share information. The network and training group with Sue and Fiona have been concentrating on planning and training through practical workshops in Audio and Video, up and coming events include Working with Young People and Revisiting Collections.

Working with colleagues we’ve compiled the first newsletter for those involved in MuBu, which details some of the projects we’re working on and achievements to date. The scholarships are up and running, the blog provided Cynthia with some ideas for content for the East Midlands Food research, a piece about notably a piece about the Co-op. If you’d like to add suggestions for Cynthia please comment on her blog.


Progress so far…

We’re coming to the end of the first quarter of our reporting schedule. It’s time to start asking museums to let us know their progress so far, which Caroline and I will then collate and report back to the MuBu project board. It can be a time consuming process, but it’s a useful system in terms of sharing successes and lessons learned. The project board include:

  • Brian Ashley, MLA
  • Robin Clarke, Museum Development Officer
  • Yolanda Courtney (SRO), Leicestershire Heritage Services
  • Peter Field, Northampton Museums and Galleries
  • Stuart Gillis, Derby Museums and Art Gallery
  • Ron Inglis, Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
  • Jonathan Platt, Lincolnshire Heritage Serivces
  • Nisha Popat, Leicester Arts and Museums

The MuBu project is now featured on the national Renaissance home page and our Guide to Social Media is available from MLA’s digital resource bank.

All the projects have received confirmation of their grant funding and are hopefully starting MuBu projects. It’s a really exciting time and I can’t wait to see how they shape up.


MuBu Training

MuBu website training

We held the first sessions in training for the MuBu online hub earlier this month. Rob from the Digital Learning Agency led the session with brief tasters in Twitter and Flickr and an introduction to blogging on the MuBu site.
The comments from participants were all very positive:
  • I was inspired by ‘seeing how exciting the MuBu looks’
  • I am particularly proud of ‘being part of MuBu’
  • ‘A well rounded session – very much enjoyed it’
  • I was inspired by ‘how easy it seems’

Hyperlink notes

6 steps to good hyperlinking

  1. Identify the text to be used as a hyperlink
  2. Go to the page you want to link to, select the page address and ‘copy’
  3. in your admin area for the blog you want to add a link
    1. Select the text you want to make a link the happiness project
    2. Click the link icon
    3. Paste the address into the link field
    4. Click OK
    5. Preview your page (button on the right)

Facebook Community page

No facebook pages link ? If you’re struggling here’s the link to create a facebook community page


MuBu Trouble shooting

If you’re having problems with the Mubu website and templates check the following common problems and solutions:

  1. Have you lost your project theme?
    The most common reason for this is that you’ve just created a new post and left it in the ‘uncategorized’ category. Simple open your last post and put it in your ‘general’ or other category and take the tick out of ‘uncategorised. You’ll find the categories on the right hand side.
  2. I can’t upload my image
    There is a 2mb file limit for uploading images. If your image is larger that this it will show a ‘timeout’ or similar error.
  3. My uploaded images arn’t showing up
    The Mubu website can handle the following image formats only.

    1. Jpg  (RGB colour format)
    2. Gif
    3. PngThe following formats will not work
    4. bmp
    5. Tiff
    6. Jpg (CMYK colour format)
    7. PDF

Requests and feedback

Send your requests, questions and feedback


Writing for the Web: General Guidelines

Writing for the Web: General Guidelines. This short guide will help you keep in mind the main considerations needed when writing for an online audience.


Mubu Goes Live

The new Mubu Website was launched today. Seven of the projects have some content with the remaining ones being added after each workshop event. The first workshop was on the 9th May and the second is set for the 9th June in Nottingham. Take a look at the new mubu homepage.


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