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Digital Engagement Network Meeting 7

Wednesday 5th December 2012, 1pm to 4pm

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery



Deb Cox Northampton Museum and Art Gallery
Mandeep Dhadialla Market Harborough Museum
Wendy Freer Ashby De La Zouch Museum
Jenny Hand Northampton Museum and Art Gallery
Steve Le Motte EMMS
Caroline Moore Digital Engagement Network
Ellie Stout The Mighty Creatives



David Amos MuBu Miner
Jane Baile Prebendal Manor
Mike Beech Foxton Canal Museum
Kerem Cetindamar Leicester City Arts and Museums
Sharon Gerrard Lincolnshire Museums
Emma Hancock Creswell Crags
Louise Lowth Nottingham City Museums & Galleries
Zara Matthews Market Harborough Museum
Sophie Newland Pratt Sudbury Hall and National Museum of Childhood, National Trust
Nisha Popat Leicester City Arts and Museums
Lynsey Woods Southwell Workhouse


Welcome and introductions:

Caroline welcomed everyone.

Digital project presentations:

Jenny Hand and Deb Cox, Northampton Museum and Art Gallery

With MuBu 1st stage funding the museum developed skills which included filming and editing. The films were ok for a first attempt and are now on You Tube.

With MuBu/DEN 2nd stage funding the museum made high quality films. The project was called Talking with hands and involved the Northampton Association for the Blind and Northampton Museum’s youth forum. 10 star objects were chosen from the collection and the participants described them through touch. The workshops were filmed. The film maker was given freedom to create the films and Deb and Jenny were very pleased with the results. Creative graphics have been added between the films. The videos are on You Tube but have not been promoted.  Jenny will monitor You Tube and see how many hits are recorded. QR codes in the gallery link objects to the corresponding video on you tube. The museum has iPads but has not used them yet as the Wi-Fi in the museum needs to be improved first.

Talking collections was the first of the museum projects on you tube. A film maker did the interpretation. He chose paintings where a portrait and a person were linked in some way through their job or town connection. These videos are used as gallery tours.

Ellie Stout, The Mighty Creatives

The Mighty Creatives is the Arts Council England bridge organisation, ‘a charity working across the East Midlands to champion young people’s creativity and innovation’. Their new project champions arts and culture in people’s lives. There are nine areas in the region and four types of children’s groups that are eligible for funding. There will be another nine areas that are eligible next year. Groups can apply for between £5000 and £20 000. Groups must connect with schools. They are keen to support digital projects and rural projects.

Mandeep Dhadialla, Market Harborough Museum

Mandeep discussed the Highlights of Harborough project. The project involves cataloguing and digitising photos and audio clips from local villages. The museum have trained volunteers in scanning, research, creation of fact files and simple coding. The volunteers all local knowledge and are extremely valuable in keeping the capacity going. The project involves past and present comparisons and interesting stories and connections that have been found amongst the material. There is a trail between the finds and the material is displayed on a digital map. The map is currently only available in the museum and the museum is closed until 2014 when it will re-open in a building with the library. Internet friendly map software and a more interactive map will be considered in the new building. Several suggestions were made such as using Google maps as used at Foxton Canal Museum in their digital canal project and using History Pin.

Future Proof Update:

Learn with Museums

My Learning training was held on Thursday 6th December at Lincolnshire Archives and attracted 11 participants. The wifi was excellent so thanks to Andrea Martin and Claire Arrand for that. The day covered how to signpost to online content from your venue, how to evaluate your online resources and how to add content to My Learning using the simple upload system.

DEN website

DEN home page







Please continue to blog and get in touch if you need any help. There are currently blogs from Sir John Moore Foundation, Ashby Museum, MuBu Miner, Prebendal Manor, the Harley Gallery, Sudbury Hall and National Museum of Childhood. The website had 148 hits in September, 220 hits in October and 883 hits in November.

Future of DEN

DEN events will continue to be posted on the EMMS website and the DEN Facebook page. An HLF bid is in development with EMMS in order to provide training and support for museums carrying out digital projects from March 2013. There is evidence that it is becoming harder to attract the museum workforce to meetings and training courses thus digital training and development needs would be addressed through a locally-based coaching / mentoring approach for volunteers working in small clusters of neighbouring museums, or (where necessary) a single museum. Watch this space. The DEN website will continue to be hosted and monitored by EMMS for 2 years.

There are two more DEN events this financial year. The next DEN training day is on Thursday 24th January at Ashby De La Zouch Museum and will cover Augmented Reality and QR Codes. The next DEN meeting is on Wednesday 30th January 10am to 12:30pm at New Walk Museum, Leicester. Please let me know if you would like to attend the training day and/or the DEN meeting.

Round up of projects:

Ashby de la Zouch museum

The next film from the Ashby Film Unit will cover the Civil War in Ashby. The museum is considering holding some Wikipedia days where Wikipedians are invited into the museum to create articles about objects in the museum. Jenny Hand suggested working with keen bloggers who already have a big online audience. There is Wifi in the Museum and three QR codes with more to follow.

Date of next meeting:

Thursday 24th January, DEN training day, Ashby De La Zouch Museum, Augmented Reality and QR Codes, 10am to 3:30pm.

Wednesday 30th January, DEN meeting, New Walk Museum, 10am to 12:30pm.


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