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If you’re having problems with the Mubu website and templates check the following common problems and solutions:

  1. Have you lost your project theme?
    The most common reason for this is that you’ve just created a new post and left it in the ‘uncategorized’ category. Simple open your last post and put it in your ‘general’ or other category and take the tick out of ‘uncategorised. You’ll find the categories on the right hand side.
  2. I can’t upload my image
    There is a 2mb file limit for uploading images. If your image is larger that this it will show a ‘timeout’ or similar error.
  3. My uploaded images arn’t showing up
    The Mubu website can handle the following image formats only.

    1. Jpg  (RGB colour format)
    2. Gif
    3. PngThe following formats will not work
    4. bmp
    5. Tiff
    6. Jpg (CMYK colour format)
    7. PDF

Mubu workshop number 5

Well here we are now well into the cycle of MuBu workshops and the blogs and social networks are really starting to get going. It seems many of you already have some content on social platforms and are looking for ideas as to how to use them better.

Fiona Baker who looks after ‘Old, New, borrowed and something blue‘ has run a blog over the past year on Blogspot. We’ve recently transferred this into the Mubu project blog as this give much better control and editability.

If you need help on either a technical or design issue please drop me an email at and I’ll help you out. This might be your blog background, header image or simple general help.

Keep blogging.


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