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Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups – which is right?

facebook like to throw confusion into their services and here we have two very similar sounding options we can choose from for your project. To help you choose which is right for you check the table below listing the pros and cons for each. Everyone has an opinion on these but I’m sticking my neck out and recommending ‘facebook pages’ as the best tool for MuBu projects.

Question: Whats the difference between Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups

Groups Pages

  • Facebook users are familiar with groups
  • You can send messages to group members
  • They are marginally easier to set up and manage than pages


  • Groups are only visible to Facebook members
  • Groups cannot have extra applications added to them
  • You generally have to visit a group regularly and to use the messaging feature to keep discussions flowing.

  • Can be visible on the wider internet to non-Facebook members (although only Facebook members can interact with them)
  • You can add applications
  • Facebook presents you with visitor statistics to let you know how many visitors you pages are getting.
  • You can have a distinct address such as


  • ‘Updates’ sent to those who decide to be a ‘fan’ of your page are lower key than messages to group ‘members’.
  • Facebook users are less familiar with pages than they are with groups.
  • Visitors still need to be a member of Facebook if they want to join in discussions on your page message board.
Best for hosting a discussion with those already on Facebook. Best if you want to keep a long term public record

Users can ‘Become a fan’ of your facebook pages or ‘Join’ a facebook group.

I would suggest if you would like to use Facebook with your project you setup facebook community Pages. Community pages were introduced only recently and are geared towards hobbies and social interest rather than Fan pages which are more around celebrities and Brands.


How to create a facebook community page

Facebook community pages were introduced in April 2010 as a type of facebook page. Confusing yes! facebook these days seem to ever complicate their system. In short, community pages are the correct choice for Special interests or hobbies rather than fan pages designed for Celebrities and Brands.

  1. Login into your facebook account
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your page and click the Advertising link
  3. Click the ‘Pages’ flag link at the top of the page
  4. Read the information in the 4 tabs
  5. When you’re happy click the Create a Page link at the top
  6. Type a name into the Page name field and click create community page

    Ok you’re up and running

  7. Click the question mark icon top left
  8. Click change picture profile
  9. Upload Picture from your computer
  10. Drag the thumbnail version of your uploaded image in the thumbnail window until you’re happy with the representation and click Save Thumbnail Version
  11. Click the Basic Info tab and complete the fields

    Now add some content and invite your friends

  12. Click each of the icons top right adding Information, Photos, Links, Events etc…
  13. When you’re happy with the content Click back to your community pages ‘Wall’ (small text link top left)
  14. Click “Suggest to Friends” link top left and click on all the friends you’d like to invite to follow.
  15. Click Send

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Writing for the Web: General Guidelines

Writing for the Web: General Guidelines. This short guide will help you keep in mind the main considerations needed when writing for an online audience.


Mubu Goes Live

The new Mubu Website was launched today. Seven of the projects have some content with the remaining ones being added after each workshop event. The first workshop was on the 9th May and the second is set for the 9th June in Nottingham. Take a look at the new mubu homepage.


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