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How to add a new blog entry

There are 4 things you need to set for each new blog entry

  1. Blog title
    this should be informative and engaging in the way a news headline captures attention
  2. Blog content
    This is the actual content of the article and con include images, links, downloadable documents etc.
  3. Category
    Every blog entry needs to be linked to a category. You can have as many categories as you feel you need but by default you will have a general category. You can add more categories later
  4. Excerpt
    This is optional but a good way of giving people an idea as to what your article is about before they click through to read it. If you don’t type an excerpt your full blog entry will be shown instead.


Upload an image to your blog

Make sure you know where your image is located on your computer before you edit the post.

  1. Edit the post you’d like to add an image to
  2. Click in the post where you’d like the image to appear. It’s a good idea to put images on a line of their own so make sure the cursor is all the way over tot he left. You may need to press the return key.
  3. Click on the small grey star above the middle content next to the words: Add Media
  4. Click select files button
  5. Find your image
  6. Click upload
  7. Choose the size and alignment at the bottom and click the ‘none’ button below the Link URL. This stops the image being clickable
  8. Click ‘Insert into post’ at the bottom
  9. Click the update button to record your change

Introduction to Flickr

There are many more but this will give a good background to Flickr



Twitter Introduction

I found this video to be a very good introduction to understanding twitter:



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