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Our London Adventure

The SJM Foundation Crew have just got back fron an amazing trip to London Town this weekend, with bags full of treasures and cameras full of piccies ready for our new exhibition about Sir Johns life in the City.

taking in sites connected with his life including the Guild Hall, St Dunstans Church where he is buried and several properties which he owned, the crew embarked on a treasure hunt around the City solving clues – and looking out for the Grocer’s guild camels!!

Sunday saw the crew doing some shore archeology on the Thames, picking up treasure including beautiful clay pipes, butchered bones and horn and pottery sherds from the Romans to the Victorians.  With our last ounce of energy we went exploring and sight seeing, visiting landmarks including the Tate, Buckingham Palace and Harrods.

The fruits of our labours will be at the Foundation soon, telling visitors more about Sir John, what he got up to in London, who he was friends with, what business he dealt in and how he became Lord Mayor.


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