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The Final Day :(

A lovely day to end our fabulous week on! Bright sunshine and yummy hotdogs for a start! Trench 7 embarked on some experimental archaeology by trying to make bricks using the raw orange clay they had in context 004. They measured the seventeenth century bricks used in the main building to make sure they were as close to authentically sized as possible, then worked together to pat the clay using watery clay mix to smooth it. The finished brick was fantastic, however it had an unfortunate accident upon moving it and sadly was no more – lots of photos though so, so it can still feature in our exhibition! Trench 8 continued with their museum work, placing some items in the case and thinking about what information they would like put next to them. They also managed to find the south east corner of trench 4′s rubbish pit in their trench, so we now know how far across the grounds it runs for. The teams enjoyed a chilled out afternoon once the trenches had been backfilled, tools washed and put away and Ben’s foot had been freed from the bucket (!). We learnt how real archaeologists work by watching a classic Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, listened to the Rock School performances and enjoyed some hotdogs and cake. Thanks to those who chipped in with the mammoth base camp cleaning!!

A final quiz…

What are unstratified finds?

What are people called who try to work out how things were made in the past?

What was the very watery clay called?

Who plays Indiana Jones?

What is the last thing we did before backfilling the trenches?

Good luck :D

Thanks to you all for a brilliant week, it has been a pleasure working with such an enthusiastic and motivated group. I have been particularly impressed with how well you have all worked together, despite many of you going to different schools – I am sure there have been friendships made which will last beyond the trenches!


Rain , rain , rain.

Trench 7 started the day by doing some finds washing due to the heavy annoying rain , rain rain. Then after lunch we went out digging and decided to extend our extension (brain wave from Josh and Ben , the brains that brought you soup and rulers) Then we kept digging and found context four and made a step . We havent found anything all day.
Trench 8 continued to dig and found a bottle and a piece of cranberry glass.
Because of rain we’ve been doing other to stuff to occupy ourselves , like going up to the museum and looking around and finding where maybe we could slip some of our finds into display. We also made some powerpoints and filled in the trench from the heritage centre people.
Quote of the day – ‘ Let them rest in pieces .’


Platforms ,bones and bottles …

What do our young archaeologists discover as they delve deeper on the 3rd day of their dig?


Day two moving trench (week 2)

Trench 5 continued to dig and found a bit of CBM and flint but not much else and we soon found that the clay we were hitting was natural and was too hard to dig in so we filled it in and moved. We are now trench 8 and so far we are getting through quite quickly because the grounds quite soft , we’ve found a bicycle bell, hand painted pottery, glass, and CBM.
Trench 6 carried on digging and made a step as a platform because the trench was getting so deep.We hit context four and it was just natural clay with no human activity and was impossible to dig through so we decided to move aswell . We are now trench 7 , so far we havent found much but were hoping because were near a victorian rubbish dump that tomorrow we will find lots of initeresting things.


First days dig (week 2 )

So firstly today we looked around the grounds for a good spot.In trench 5 we measured a one metre by one metre sqaure test pit , then we deturfed the grass and took the top layer off and we found a keyhole ,taptop,pot shards ,CBM (Ceramic Building Material),glass and a bit of an animal rib. Now we are working on the next layer.So far we have more CBM , a big brick , pot shards ,glass …(In the next context. )Tomorrow to be continued…
Trench 6 , decided it was best to start digging opposite amunitions shed in the hopes we would find bullets or something interesting like that. We marked out the square and deturfed just like the others and began to dig , context layer by context layer. We so far have found CBM, a few bones one of which was special because it had butchery marks where it had been chopped, glass , pottery and a glass pipe which we think is used in science lessons for distilation. Then it rained alot so we did some find washing , and tomorrow we are just going to continue and try to get through the clay we hit . There is lot of charcole in the mist of the clay so we know were still in the human activity layer. We hope to find more intersting stuff tomorrow .


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