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Day 5 of the SJM Dig – The last day :’(

The final day, some final finds, a grand finale and cake :D


Digging Day 4 (Thursday) at SJM

day four – the day of clay, clay and more clay – with a metal detector and two extensions thrown in too!


Day three ‘ The day of a thousand finds…’

We started the day by digging the pits and trying to get to each context. Trench 3 found lots and  lots of CBM and a two buttons. One plain and the other black and with detail on it. We dont know what they are too yet but we are eager to find out . Trench 2 found pottery , tiles , brick and a lot of CBM aswell. We had to do a building survey in the celler because the foundation has been given a grant to build a recording studio . So Ben and Rani went to the celler and measured all the bricks for one of our archeologists to draw so that there is a record of what was there incase any of the bricks get damaged or eroded. Then we finished the day by doing our trench talks , and discussing out finds and any interesting things that were uncovered.


SJM Dig Day 2

Day 2 of the Dig – a day of two halves with a trench being abandoned and a new one opened, plus the find of the week so far!


SJM Dig day 1!

Our young archeaologists start their week long excavation – how have they got on & what are their early finds?


Get ready to dig ….

Young people in Appleby Magna are about to embark on their own ‘Time Team’ archaeological exploration in the grounds of the Sir John Moore Foundation building.


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