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The workshops are well underway now and we’ve had some fantastic results. The pupils seem really enthused- especially at the chance to get messy!- and have produced some brilliant work. At a school in Spalding, one girl was really fascinated by the resource box- she created a beautiful mono print inspired by a bronze casting of a starfish from our Nature resource box.


Workshops- Coming Soon!

After a quiet summer, I’m preparing for a very busy week ahead!

The first school workshops start on Monday- I’m hoping the next few weeks will be a kind of ‘road show’ of our current SEN loan resources. Two fantastic freelance artists- Ruth Pigott ( and Gizella Warburton ( have been developing workshops which will run in 12 of Lincolnshire’s SEN schools between now and Christmas. The workshops are all based on our loans boxes, so it’s a chance to show the resources to teachers.

It’s also going to be a learning curve for us as museum staff. Many of the Community Engagement team are shadowing the workshops- hopefully to learn how to deliver similar sessions with SEN groups in the future. The observations will be followed up with training courses in January. At the end of the training, we’ll hopefully be able to deliver an on-demand workshop service to SEN schools, which would be fantastic.

After all the planning and what seems like hundreds of phone calls and emails, it’ll be really exciting to see the workshops coming together. The artists have some brilliant ideas, really creative and different approaches to using the resources- but the most exciting thing will be seeing how the students respond.