See Hear Prebendal Manor


The last tune to be played on the evening of our young persons event was on the bagpipes. We put the microphone near Mike and eventually they  began to join in with the guitar and drums.  Surprisingly it sounded very good, and I was glad that had recorded a video of them all.

This will be uploaded on to You Tube shortly.

Our project with these young people has just about finished. However they told us that was difficult to find places to play to an audience. They are too young to play in their local pubs and they cannot afford to hire halls. We very much hope that we will be able to invite them back here in 2011 to play to us again, and I know they would like to come.

With regard to Simpson, the dog from hell, who is now pushing up the daisies in the please park. We find that he lives on and can be seen on the  Google Earth for the village.  It appears that he was just out side the gate when they were photographing Church Street!

We now also plan to work with another group of young people in 2011 on a young people’s audio tour for the manor. We have an audio tour for adults , but it is rather dull for younger people. We aim to apply for a Young Roots grant for this project.  We plan to help them write the script and make the recording of it, which we will edit with them.

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The Grade I listed Prebendal Manor House is the earliest surviving dwelling in Northamptonshire. It forms the focus of a group of stone buildings, which includes a 16th century dovecote, a large 18th century tithe barn and a 15th century lodgings building.