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Our Final Visit from our Young People

The young people have  visited the manor and museum now on  a number of occasions, mostly  during the latter part of the Summer. One one occasion one of our volunteers played some medieval music on our replica horn which we keep in the museum.  They recorded Mike playing because they wanted to use it as the basis  of making another piece of  music. I suspect this will be done using computers and synthesisers. The sound of medieval music was new to them and not much liked as the sounds are so different to modern pop music!

Originally the evening event was to be held in late September but we changed the date to early October, which was just as well.  The evenings in late September were very cold and there is no heating in the museum. As luck would have it early October was warm and sunny and our young people and audience were able to use the garden as well as the museum.

On the evening of the event, first a van arrived  with copious amounts of amplifiers, and we knew that were in for a noisy evening. Then the  Corby young people arrived with all their guitars, drums and other items, all designed to make loud music. Even tuning up was very loud!

We have a large screen in the museum and a projector which we used to showcase the video that they made.  The film was, as I thought, rather crooked in places and not one to watch if  alcohol had been consumed, which luckily none of us had.  It was a good effort as they had not had the opportunity to use a video camera before. We then heard the music that they had made having be inspired, or not, by Mike’s playing. It was very good.

We laid on lots of food for the guests and young people, which was enjoyed by all, and then the music started. Actually it was great fun.  Jordon, the lead guitarist, was participially gifted and later said that he wants to study music when he leaves school. Some of our guests sat out side to listen, finding the loudness too much. Certainly these young people would not have visited a site like this if it had not been for the music and our project.

Jordan the lead guitarist

Some of the younger members of the group watching the others. Our visitors are sitting right at the back of the Tithe Barn away from the amplifiers!

The general consensus was that they had enjoyed visiting very much and were surprised that I liked their music.

It was a great evening.


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The Grade I listed Prebendal Manor House is the earliest surviving dwelling in Northamptonshire. It forms the focus of a group of stone buildings, which includes a 16th century dovecote, a large 18th century tithe barn and a 15th century lodgings building.