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After the great success of the Foxton Locks Festival in 2010 we are very keen to attract additional volunteers to help us make the next the festival, in 2011, even bigger and better.
We are after willing people who will manage important parts of our festival activities. There must be a commitment to attend monthly festival meetings at Foxton Locks (fortnightly as we approach the festival date).
We will shape the role around the abilities, preferences and available time of our volunteers and no particular expertise is necessary other than enthusiasm and commitment to making the festival work.
Nevertheless, we welcome volunteers who have experience of:
• Festival planning
• Traffic management
• Manpower planning
• Health and Safety
• Budget control and cash management.

Be a part of something interesting.
If you are able to offer any help with any of the above please contact the museum on 0116 279 2657 or email

Many thanks

Your Festival Committee


WRG uncover the past

WRG volunteers at workA 100 year old wall buried temporarily 4 years ago during £3m lottery funded works has been uncovered. The 1910 dated revetment wall was one of the improvements made to the side ponds of the locks in 1910 when the locks were being reinstated after the Inclined Plane was mothballed to save money.

The wall was buried when the bank above was raised to improve wheelchair access along a path to the museum. The fill material, slid down over the wall and the engineer asked that it be left until the bank stabilised.

With changes in BW personnel, the wall was forgotten. This week Essex Waterway Recovery Group Volunteers unearthed and cleaned the stone wall to make another feature of the locks visible. A second days work planned for the Sunday was cancelled due to heavy rain.


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