New Boat Building Book

Bob Hakewill started putting this book together as the History of Springer Engineering. He soon realised that Harborough’s boat building industry had never been recorded and the facts were slipping away along with the people who started the companies. Springer’s alone were responsible for over 3,000 boats, add Harborough Marine, and Fernie Steel and the influence of Harborough in the pleasure boat industry has been very substantial. They were not just canal boats either. This story includes boats built for the continental waterways, sea going boats and even a giant bottle which crossed the Atlantic.
I am very pleased that this book has been written. No doubt there will be some new information come out when people start to read it and we will be able to produce a revised version, but this is a first class edition to our range of publications.
Whilst Bob wrote most much of the text there are contributions from several other people. This is a unique well researched and very readable publication, and Bob has generously given us the rights so that we gain the profit.
The book is ring bound A4 with colour covers, with 56 internal pages on high quality gloss paper, which makes the internal pictures look good. It is priced like most of our books at £4.50 per copy. We can post a copy for you for £ 6.00 of which £1.50 is large second class postage and packing.


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