DEN Project

Nottingham City Museums: Poetry Quest

Nottingham City Museums and Art Gallery

Poetry Quest was a national arts project designed by The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts.  It linked four UK arts venues and 16 primary schools to introduce over 1,000 children aged 9-11 to art and poetry.

This is what the project wanted to do. . .
*  introduce children to their local museum or art gallery for the first time

*  encourage them to get to know and enjoy epic poetry through museum or gallery visits led by practising poets and artists.

*  help the children to feel comfortable in a museum or gallery setting by using epic poetry and artists to inspire and engage them both in there and back at school.

*  encourage the children to create their own poems and pictures

*  inspire them to visit the museum or gallery with their families after the project had finished.

*  enhance the children’s academic attainment, creativity, confidence and self-esteem.


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