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Selection Time

Over the last week or so I’ve begun to start work on the exhibition of showcards that will go on display at Nottingham Castle in July.  It’s a really interesting challenge, as I start to think about which adverts to include and how to make sure we don’t look like we are promoting smoking.

This image is amongst my favourites

It’s a Player’s Weights advert from 1939 and is part of a whole campaign that features circus performers and lanterns.  I like this series as it is so different from what you expect a cigarette advert to be and it makes me wonder who exactly these adverts were aimed at.  Later on the Weights brand used a lot of adverts with jockeys in them - so did it change from being a female to a male focused product?

There are clear changes in approaches from one decade to the next and this is something we hope will generate interest and debate.  Any comments about the types of campaigns people would like to see are very welcome.


Player’s Past for Light Night 2011

Player’s Past for Nottingham Light Night 2011

There is going to be a Player’s Past event for Light Night next year!  Our film will be shown and some objects from the archive will be on display.  It will be a wonderful opportunity for a small selection of the public to see a little part of the collection just before the exhibition in March.  All details of the event will be in the Light Night brochure. 


Player’s Past on YouTube!

Player’s Past on YouTube!

Our film has now been uploaded onto YouTube.  Due to the time restrictions on media uploaded onto YouTube, we’ve divided our film into 3 parts.  If you click on the following link, you will be able to view part 1.  Parts 2 and 3 will appear in the list of related films on the right hand side of the screen, so that when you have finished watching part 1, just click on ‘Player’s Past part 2′, and then  ’Player’s Past part 3′ to carry on watching the rest of the film.  Please enjoy, all comments would be greatly appreciated.

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