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Sessions Begin

Well the tea party was rainy, but still a lot of fun.  We managed to keep our feet (and handbags) dry as water gushed in from the sides of the marquee.  We’re not sure if this the most extreme weather witnessed at the gathering, if not let us know.  During the day we got the chance to let more people know what we’re up to and recruited people for our project.

We had the first session on Thursday at the museum.  We’re working with a lovely group of people who all worked in different departments at Players.  They have already shared some great information with us – like how to make pipe tobacco and how you could work your way through the ranks.  Over the next four weeks we’ll be showing them more objects from the collection, taking plentiful notes of everything they say and then asking them to be interviewed for our film.


Bring on the trifle!

It’s a week after our initial MuBu training – so what have we been up to?  Well I’ve managed to upload an avatar (doesn’t that sound technical) and between us we’ve added 9 images of the Player’s factory and workers onto Flickr.  Only 2 have been viewed and I think this was by a colleague, but we’ll have a chance to spread the word next week at the Imperial Tobacco Summer Tea Party.  It’s a function held for pensioners who worked for the company, where they have a chance to get together and eat trifle.  I’m sure there will be some tea drinking as well.  We’ll be looking to recruit people for our film project, so lets hope the sun shines and people feel like chatting.


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