Player's Past

Player’s Past – exploring the John Player’s Archive

Our MuBu project is part of a two year programme to help make the John Player’s archive accessible to all.  The firm is an important part of the history of Nottingham and we think it’s vital that we record the history of the people who worked there.  What was it like on your first day, what sort of jobs did people have and is it true managers would light cigarettes with five pound notes at bonus dances?

This project has two major elements.  One part is to catalogue items that were donated to the city by the company and to make these items available for all.  The other part is to talk to people who worked at the company and record their memories.  Our MuBu project involves us talking to former employees, recording their words on film and making these memories available through social networking sites.

We hope you find our project of interest and look forward to hearing your views.

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