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First crushes!

First crushes – we’ve all had them. Whether it was a celebrity on television, a singer in a band or someone at school, we’ll always remember who our first crush was.

Who was yours?


What’s your story?

What are your experiences of growing up Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans in Lincolnshire?

Personally, living in rural Lincolnshire served as both a blessing and a hindrance. Growing up I thought I was the ‘only gay’ in the village which felt isolating to say the least. As far as I was aware up until the age of 18 I hadn’t come across any LGBT people – well not outwardly gay anyway. And what does that mean ‘outwardly gay?’ I suppose that was my ignorance when growing up gay in a small village – I was expecting to see very camp men flouncing around Folkingham in  the style of John Inman’s character from ‘Are you being served.’

I think TV in the 70s did have its role to play in developing my impressions of gay men – very camp, over the top characters that were deemed ‘safe’ or ‘funny’ – the likes of Kenneth Williams and Kenny Everett – with their slap-stick humor were loved by all, even my grandmother! However these were the only gay men I knew of and they existed on television!

What I saw of gay characters on television – I considered myself so far removed from. I didn’t have anything in common with these camp comedians. I considered myself to be very ’normal’ in comparison. I didn’t end every conversation with a gay or sexual innuendo, I didn’t mince down to the shops or postoffice and I didn’t wear tight fitted white t-shirts. In sort I was so far removed from the media’s ‘Gay’ stereotype I was in fear of becoming ……


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