Old, New, Mostly Borrowed And One Blue

Old, New, Mostly Borrowed And One Blue


When I say still standing, I am talking about the mannequins!  I am not sure about our band of volunteers in the Hall who have had to deal with the large amount of visitors to the exhibition!

On the evening of Thursday 5 August, the Lincolnshire Artist Supporters Society (LASS), held their summer reception at Doddington.  Some 60 guests enjoyed drinks on the West Terrace followed by a private tour of the house and exhibition.   LASS was formed in 1973 and its Committee is made up of women from across the County of Lincolnshire who are dedicated to raising money for arts.  The Committee raises funds by hosting lunches and dinners at country houses and stately homes in Lincolnshire and offers sponsorship to artists in all disciplines.

Marie-Therese Pumfrey, who is a member of the Committee, as well as having own wedding dress in the exhibition, was very emotional when seeing her dress on show first the first time in many years.   You have no idea how much trouble we had trying to find a mannequin to fit her dress.  We finally had to hire in a mannequin equivalent to an aged 5-6 year old child!   Present that evening was Abbey, the student who has been sponsored this year.  LASS have had a long association with the University of Lincoln and it was just wonderful to have three dresses in the exhibition which are connected to the University.

I spent the day at the Hall yesterday and everyone appeared to be enjoying the exhibition … not sure about the long suffering husbands who had been dragged along.  One man I spoke to (who sitting outside apparently enjoying the sunshine) said “I’ve seen her dress once before and it got me into a lot of trouble so I am staying away this time”.

A few of the ‘donors’ of the dresses had popped in as they hadn’t been able to make it to the opening.  This was great as it that some of the paying visitors were able to meet them.   So thank you to Pam Withers, the Fords and Henrietta Reeve for spending time answering questions etc.  I am sure that whilst I haven’t been at the Hall, other ‘donors’ have visited as I have found little tell-tale signs like photographs…. so thank you to Gabriella Parkes – your photo has now been framed.  Gabriella’s dress has been, so far, the most commented on dress.  If you visit the exhibition, you will find out why!

Yesterday was ‘dress up day’ when any visitor who turned up wearing a wedding dress or bridesmaid’s dress was given free entry to the Exhibition.  I was very disappointed that no men turned up.  However, one little girl named Coco, got into the spirit of the day – I will upload a photo of her once my PC starts behaving itself!

One exhibit was missing yesterday:  Louise Fairburn’s Lincoln Longwool dress.  It had been taken to the Isle of Man and I hear that it was very well received at the Royal Manx Show.  It will be returning to Doddington on Wednesday.

If you are not too tired about me rambling on, you might like to listen to me when I featured on a couple of BBC Radio Lincolnshire shows.  If so, here are the links



Thank you to Mark Ellis of Sound Delivery for ‘cutting me down to size’.


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A wonderful and exciting collection of interesting and historical wedding dresses dating from the 1820s to the present day.  Many of the dresses have been loaned by private collectors as well as national museums.  A number of the dresses on show, have been loaned by a number of the great houses of England:  Burghley, Belvoir Castle, Somerleyton Hall to name just a few.

The interesting dresses will include one made from the fleece of a Lincolnshire Longwool sheep, loo paper and a complete knitted dress include the sandwiches and cake destined for the reception.  Canine wedding dresses will also be featured.