Old, New, Mostly Borrowed And One Blue

Old, New, Mostly Borrowed And One Blue

Setting Up has Begun

At 9 am this morning, setting up of the exhibition took place.  30 mannequins were delivered from Mannakin (www.mannakin.co.uk).  At 5 pm, Michelle Scott from Scott Trailers delivered the horse mannequin (www.scott-traillers.co.uk).  Apparently, it gave quite a few of the staff a shock this morning on entering the Hall … can’t think why!

So, myself, Rose the Housekeeper and Pat Mellows are all experts in building mannequins.  Poor Pat, she only popped in for five minutes to deliver a dress.  She had a pile of ironing to do and think that is why she was reluctant to go home … however, it could also have been the fact that we were having so much fun!

 Pat Gets to Grips with the legs







 The finished article .. it’s a bit like a line up at an identity parade

Don’t ask!

Not only were Pat and Rose on hand to help but Henry the Hoover was too … he must have been having a good old chuckle at us.  Henry had a really important job to do:  hoover the cabinet which is going to house Princess Mary’s wedding dress for the next six weeks.  It has been ‘touch and go’ and I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be able to get the dress to Doddington.  However, with the help of Dorian Church at Harewood House and ‘Billy the Builder, at Doddington Hall, it has all come together…. so thank you.  We are ver grateful to Earl and Countess of Harewood and the Trustees of the Harewood House Trust.   The address will arrive c1pm on Thursday by special delivery and will be received by Eva Hansson who is the Curator at the Royal School of Needlework.  Eva helped me enormously with last year’s exhibition and I am looking forward to spending some time with her again this year.  Eva will be overseeing it being placed and secured in the cabinet.

Henry waiting for his instructions

Before the dress arrives on Thursday, a special cabinet had to be made and this is now sitting proudly in the Long Gallery waiting for its special guest.  However, when I took some photos of it about a fortnight ago, it was looking a little less elegant.

 The cabinet in its early stages.


The maker of the cabinet and the finest carpenter/builder on the whole of Doddington Estate


People have been popping in and out all day and it has been so exciting to see who is going to arrive next … Rie Day who lives at Fulbeck Hall kindly came and dressed the mannequin with a Japanese Kimono.  We are very grateful to Riko Gordon for lending her Kimono to the exhibition.

 Rie Day in Action

Tomorrow sees another 30 mannequins arriving – I am collecting them from the University of Lincoln in the morning.  However, these don’t need building …. phew.

Tune in tomorrow for more of ‘behind the scenes at the exhibition’.






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The interesting dresses will include one made from the fleece of a Lincolnshire Longwool sheep, loo paper and a complete knitted dress include the sandwiches and cake destined for the reception.  Canine wedding dresses will also be featured.