Old, New, Mostly Borrowed And One Blue

Old, New, Mostly Borrowed And One Blue

Why I Left London

After flying across the County of Lincolnshire from Boston to Lincoln, breaking every speed limit en route, the judging of the ‘A Designer Dress for a DoddingtonWedding’ Competition judging took place – during and after completing this mercy dash I suddenly remembered why I left London.  The judges:  Kathy Gaul, Lecturer in Fashion at the University of Lincoln, Caroline Chamberlain of Caroline Chamberlain Bridal Couture and myself!  What a tough decision we had to make.  All of the entries were amazing and after much deliberation the overallwinner was chosen.  Sorry readers, but our decision is embargoed until Monday 5 July and you know all about the Judges’ rules being final and all that!  All will be revealed in due course.


The Judges (L-R Caroline Chamberlain, Kathy Gaul and Fiona Baker) with Flora Meyer

The lucky winner will have their dress made up by Graduates at Lincoln University’s Fashion Department and the dress will then be one of the exhibits at the exhibition.  They will also be able to visit the Department to see the progress of the dress …. how exciting … how I wish it was me who won!  To find the winner of Second Prize, I will be loading the designs onto Facebook and asking visitors to the site to vote for their favourite design.  The winner’s prize will be a day spent in the Fashion Department at Lincoln University …. and yes I am still wishing I was the winner.

There was a young lady who entered who really impressed the judges and although, not the overall winner, she will be contacted on Monday and be the receiver of some very good news! 


Difficult Decisions Ahead

Amy Ward



Competition Entries

We had a late entry to the competition – Flora Meyer who lives in France and was visiting her Aunt Claire (owner of the Hall).  Her designed so impressed us that we had to award a special prize of ‘Youngest Entry’.  The shoes she had designed to match the dress, would have made Cinderella proud!  Flora’s mum’s wedding dress will be featured in the exhibition.

Flora Meyer with her winning design

During the judging, we had a few amusing moments:  The first was that Calendar TV turned up as they wanted to do a feature on the competition.  After horrified looks, we all rushed off to look in a mirror.  Secondly, Judy Theobald popped in to do an interview with each of the judges.  These interviews will feature on BBC Radio Lincolnshire in the run up to the exhibition  Judy has an amazing story about her own wedding dress and she has promised to let me interview her so that I can extract the story.   We had Sally, the camera lady from Calendar wearing a replica of Princess Diana’s wedding dress and she looked stunning  as did Judy who performed a balletic routine to shame Angelina Ballerina. 

Sally Taking a Break from Behind the Camera

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The interesting dresses will include one made from the fleece of a Lincolnshire Longwool sheep, loo paper and a complete knitted dress include the sandwiches and cake destined for the reception.  Canine wedding dresses will also be featured.