Old, New, Mostly Borrowed And One Blue

Old, New, Mostly Borrowed And One Blue


I thought it time that I let you know what I have been up to since my last post on 5 May.  To do this, I have to look through my diary as I have real trouble remembering what I did the day previously!  .
My main priority has been to select the best dresses for the exhibition and this is proving to be an extremely hard task as I have been receiving lots of emails from people who have heard about the exhibition and would like to lend dresses in their possession.  I get to the point when I think that have compiled the perfect list of dresses only to open my mailbox and find another email of which the contents sound too interesting for me to ignore.  After looking at the photographs which are sometimes attached to these emails, I then have to decide whether to add this new dress to the collection which then means that I have to delete a dress already on the list.  What a dilemma.
You will remember the lady that I mentioned at the end of my last entry.  Well, I was due to meet with her today but we have had to postpone our meeting until Friday.  So I hope to be able to update you on her dress and the interesting story behind it after that.  
My days have also been taken up with quite a few meetings which have been to do with the setting up of the exhibition.  We have been extremely lucky to have been given funding from Renaissance East Midlands (http://www.mla.gov.uk).  The MLA leads strategically and promotes best practice in museums, libraries and archives, to inspire innovative, integrated and sustainable services for all. They are a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB), sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Launched in April 2000 as the strategic body working with and for the museums, archives and libraries sector, tapping into the potential for collaboration between them, MLA replaced the Museums and Galleries Commission (MGC) and the Library and Information Commission (LIC).
This funding is allowing me to organise a competition ‘Design a Dress for a Doddington Wedding’ of which the details have already been sent out to the County’s secondary schools.  I have launched the competition in collaboration with the University of Lincoln’s (http://www.lincoln.ac.uk) School of Art and Design and have asked students of Design and Technology submit a design for a dress for someone who might chose the Hall as the venue for her wedding.  I would really like to give someone a ‘step up’ on the fashion ladder and perhaps get their portfolio started.  All of the entries will be judged by the tutors of the University’s Fashion Department, myself and Caroline Chamberlain (http://www.carolinechamberlain.co.uk) – I mentioned a little more about Caroline below.  The winner will then have their dress made up by the students who are currently studying fashion, and it will then be put on show at the exhibition.  The funding is also enabling me to make a short film showing the making of the dress from start to finish.  I will upload details in due course so that you able to follow the progress of the winning dress.
On Thursday, I hosted a visited by Fiona Marshall who is a wonderful lady providing training at the workshops that I am attending that are arranged Renaissance East Midlands.  The training given at each workshop  is proving to be vital to me as they are enabling me to deliver the digital side of the exhibition.  There will be a number exciting digital aspects to the exhibition and I will be able to tell you more about these after my next workshop which is on 25 May.  
On Friday, I visited Caroline Chamberlain at her wonderful studio at Burton Waters, near Lincoln.  As I mention above, Caroline is one of the judges who will help to choose the winning dress from the school’s competition.  I first met Caroline when she brought a number her dresses to Doddington in February for a photo shoot.  Caroline also made up the Lincolnshire Longwool dress that has been loaned to the exhibition by Louise Fairburn.  Thanks to Caroline, you will be able to see the original designs for the dress.  During the exhibition, you will also be able to see a variety of Caroline’s own designs with a new dress appearing on a weekly basis.  It is also hoped that Caroline’s mum’s wedding dress will feature in the exhibition – there was a stunning dress in the window of Caroline’s studio which she had based on her mum’s wedding dress and is very Grace Kelly.



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    Nice sheep!


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A wonderful and exciting collection of interesting and historical wedding dresses dating from the 1820s to the present day.  Many of the dresses have been loaned by private collectors as well as national museums.  A number of the dresses on show, have been loaned by a number of the great houses of England:  Burghley, Belvoir Castle, Somerleyton Hall to name just a few.

The interesting dresses will include one made from the fleece of a Lincolnshire Longwool sheep, loo paper and a complete knitted dress include the sandwiches and cake destined for the reception.  Canine wedding dresses will also be featured.