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Welcome to the Sudbury Hall & National Trust Museum of Childhood blog in its new incarnation. Our names are Rose and Laura and we will be two of the people contributing to this blog about Sudbury, and all who sail in her!

First of all we should probably say what we do. We are both ‘Documentation Assistants’ and are working here for a year in the Museum side of the property. We do pretty much what it says on the tin … we assist in the documentation of the Museum collection. This mainly involves making sure that everything we know about each item in the collection is available on the electronic database ‘CMS’ (Collections Management System), and can also be viewed by the public online on the National Trust Collections website.

We are going to be spending the next 9 months or so checking each record for every item we have, and making sure that what you can see online is accurate and up to date. This should mean a lot of fun discoveries as we get to rummage through, albeit electronically, the whole collection, item by item.

So, we hope you will read our posts and find out more about the collection here at the National Trust Museum of Childhood, and enjoy some of the things we will get to share with you.

Laura and Rose


Rose using two computers

Rose at her computers

Laura using two computers

Laura at her computers


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