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Everyone knows that the National Trust is reliant on the hundreds of thousands of volunteers who act as room guides in all our properties across the country. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the National Trust is also supported by a great many additional volunteers who help us with a vast miscellany of tasks, from helping in the gardens, assisting with education activities and serving customers in the shops and tea rooms, to lending a hand with the care, conservation and documentation of our precious collections!

As an example of this, I thought I’d show you the range of volunteers we have just within our Collections Team here at Sudbury Hall and Museum of Childhood.

First of all we have Liz. Liz has recently graduated from her post-graduate qualification inArtGalleryand Museum Studies and is now searching for a collections-based job within the museums and heritage sector. Liz is working on our collections database, Collections Management System, helping with the transfer from our previous collections database, Modes for Windows. She is editing each record, ensuring that the information has transferred across correctly. Her work than feeds into the National Trust Collections website, which updates with the corrections she has made, ensuring that you (‘the public’) can see all the information about our wonderful collection. Liz has also helped us out with other collections activities such as undertaking condition checks on a collection of marionettes, handling and moving some of our objects in and out of storage, scanning photographs from our collection, and assisting when we have an expert in to undertake a peer review of an aspect of our collection. Volunteering with a historic collection is an excellent way of gaining valuable work experience, practical skills and knowledge while searching for that all important first collections job.













Next we have Chris. Chris is also a recent graduate. He has also been seeking employment within the heritage sector. Chris is not afraid to get stuck into anything, and has been helping out in shop and hall, as well as helping us in the Collections Department. Within Collections, Chris has been working on making ‘flip books’ for the museum containing additional information about all of the objects that we have on display. With limited space on display case labels, these are a valuable way to provide extra information for our most engaged visitors, ensuring that they get the most out of their visit to the museum. Of the back of his volunteering, Chris now has a part-time job at Derby Museum and Art Gallery, but he still finds time to come back and volunteer with us from time-to-time!

Chris dressed up as Sir Joseph Wright as part of his work at Derby Museum and Art Gallery!


We also have a small team of photography volunteers. This team grows and shrinks over time, but at present we have two dedicated photographers; Sue and Steve. Sue and Steve are contributing to the improvement of our collections database by photographing the objects in our collection that do not already have a photo, or which only have a photo of poor quality (prior to the easy availability of digital cameras, photography was a much more protracted and expensive process, which has led to some of the deficiencies in our photographs of objects). You can also appreciate their photographic efforts as the photos also appear on our National Trust Collections website (,-Derbyshire-%28Accredited-Museum%29/1)! Sue and Steve work up in the attics of the Hall, where our collection is stored, so that they can easily access the objects that need to be photographed. We have set up lighting and a photography cube as a portable ‘studio’ for them.













Finally, we have Brian. Brian is in charge of updating the collections database for the Hall’s collections (while the rest of us work on the (much larger!) museum collection. Brian is retired, and has been working with the collection for many, many years. He has even been awarded an MBE for his services to volunteering! As well as volunteering with us, Brian also volunteers as a room guide in the Hall, and volunteers with the National Trust collections at Norbury Manor and Calke Abbey. I think that MBE is well deserved!













So, for anyone out there who has been put off from volunteering for the National Trust by the prospect of standing in one room for hours on end, do get in touch with your local properties and find out what volunteering opportunities they have on offer. Whether it’s gardening, working with children or caring for precious collections that rocks your world, there’s bound to be a role out there that is perfect for you!



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