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Sindy’s 50th Anniversary

Did you know that 2013 is Sindy’s 50th Anniversary? To celebrate we, at the Museum of Childhood, have filled a display case in the museum with Sindy related artefacts from our collection.

The Sindy display case


Taking pride of place within the case is Sindy’s townhouse. This large, three-storey house, complete with roof terrace, spiral staircase and lift, is made of cardboard and plastic and was completely dismantled. Without any instructions to follow, it took our Collections Team some time to build!       

All the pieces!






Inserting the spiral staircase


Manoeuvring the house into the case








Admiring our handiwork

The house is complete!












Sindy’s bedroom






The large amount of Sindy furniture in the collection has come in useful when furnishing the house. Check out Sindy’s collection of clothing in her bedroom.









She even has a car.








And a horse!









Many of these artefacts would normally be packed away in storage, so do take the opportunity to come and visit the Museum of Childhood to see this lovely collection, or visit National Trust Collections online at: to browse our collection of Sindy artefacts from the comfort of your home!


Hello Dolly!

This week it’s all about dolls. Here in the Documentation Department we have been editing away at the collection records, and we are in the middle of a large collection of ‘Peggy Nisbet’ dolls. These are all costume dolls, dressed as various historical figures, popular characters and famous people. In the collection here at the National Trust Museum of Childhood we have a wonderful selection of everything from Queen Victoria to Mary Poppins.

Just one of the sets of dolls in the collection is ‘Henry VIII and his Six Wives’. Here is the beautiful Jane Seymour, said to have been Henry’s true love, because he chose to be buried with her when he died.

Those pessamists amongst you might point out that he didn’t have much choice, with two wives still living, two buried unceremoniously with no heads, and one buried abroad!

Another doll that has featured highly in our week is the eponymous Sindy! This weekend sees Sudbury Hall and the Museum of Childhood open up again on Saturday the 16th for the season. We have been helping Sue, one of the Collections Assistants’, put together a Sindy doll’s house ready for one of the displays.  Here are a few pictures of Rose (and Sue) putting the finishing touches onto the roof terrace :

Do you remember wanting one of these as a child, or even better being lucky enough to have owned one?

Is is a space ship, is it a plane …?

… no it’s the Sindy staircase of course!











And as a little nod to it being Valentine’s Day, even the collections online website is feeling all loved up today :




A new start and some fresh faces



Welcome to the Sudbury Hall & National Trust Museum of Childhood blog in its new incarnation. Our names are Rose and Laura and we will be two of the people contributing to this blog about Sudbury, and all who sail in her!

First of all we should probably say what we do. We are both ‘Documentation Assistants’ and are working here for a year in the Museum side of the property. We do pretty much what it says on the tin … we assist in the documentation of the Museum collection. This mainly involves making sure that everything we know about each item in the collection is available on the electronic database ‘CMS’ (Collections Management System), and can also be viewed by the public online on the National Trust Collections website.

We are going to be spending the next 9 months or so checking each record for every item we have, and making sure that what you can see online is accurate and up to date. This should mean a lot of fun discoveries as we get to rummage through, albeit electronically, the whole collection, item by item.

So, we hope you will read our posts and find out more about the collection here at the National Trust Museum of Childhood, and enjoy some of the things we will get to share with you.

Laura and Rose


Rose using two computers

Rose at her computers

Laura using two computers

Laura at her computers


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