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Contemporary collecting in the 21st century, ten toys chosen by ten teenagers

Hello, my name is Sophie and I have been a volunteer here at Sudbury Hall and The Museum of Childhood since April 2010.

Over the past few weeks I have taken on a project, with the help of students from The Cheadle Academy: ‘Contemporary collecting in the 21st century, ten toys chosen by ten teenagers’.

We wanted a project that would involve the community. When looking at 21st century collections, then who better to tell us about them than the children who have been and still are playing with them.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you the blogs the students have written about the Project, so they can tell you about it in their words.

We hope you enjoy reading them.

First we have Caleb:

My Sudbury Blog

I have really enjoyed taking part in the National Trust Committee, from the very first moment when I signed up right up to present. When we first visited The Sudbury Hall Museum of Childhood we had the job of designing a new exhibit for this generation. It was great going around and seeing all the exhibits and beginning to understand how different toys were back then. First we were put into groups and given a flip cam video recorder plus a clip board with questions. Our group used our flip cam to record bits and pieces and to experiment and play, so we could get used to them. We also answered all of the questions along the way and had fun in The Museum. This was our first committee event and I really enjoyed it.

A few weeks later at school we went into the art class rooms and reviewed the video footage. We were also told to bring with us our favourite non electronic toys in to show (I brought my favourite African chess board). We then got out the flip cams once again and we were shown how to edit our videos on the computer, this was fun and we could cut out the bits where we were laughing, as we were having so much fun. Soon we were making our own interviews with the flip cams and asking each other about our toys. The whole day was a big laugh and a lot of fun.

Two weeks later we were back in the art rooms with our toys perfecting the interviews. My group went all around the school shooting each interview in a different place and editing them to perfection. The rest of the time was spent reviewing our work and playing with our toys. Last year was really fun and I can’t wait to get back into it this year.



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