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Attic 6 project – Week Four

Hello Everyone,

It makes us all very proud to say that the ‘Attic 6 project’ is now finished!

Over the past few weeks we have been taking advantage of this lovely weather (meaning the attics are not too cold to work in!) and frantically trying to complete the project.  This couldn’t have been done without the help of two new collections volunteers.


Lucie Wood, is currently doing her M.A in Museum and Artefact Studies at Durham University and has been doing a four week internship with us.  Sophie Naylor is gaining some experience before starting her M.A. in Museum and Heritage Management at Nottingham Trent University.

As part of their experience they have helped me to finish some of the mould removal work that could not be completed alone. This includes work on four of our 19th century school desks, which are too heavy for one person to move around.

After completing all of the cleaning required for the objects it is important that we clean the room as well. To do this we use a museum vac to clean up any dust or dirt on the floor and the skirting boards. To finish off the room we will use an average mop that is slightly damp to pick up anything the museum vac hasn’t. We do not want to use an overly wet mop as we do not want to get the floor boards too wet as this could potentially encourage more mould growth and insects.

Now that we have completely cleaned Attic 6, it is time for us to make sure that all the objects fit properly into the attic, while having a clear walkway from the door to the window.   In starting this, we have noted where each object has been placed on a plan of Attic 6 room plan, which will become a point of reference for finding objects in the future.

Due to our tight organisation we have been able to fit another item in the attic that was acquired before Christmas. We have been able to find a home for this beautiful 1975 Silver cross doll’s pram.

All that is left to do is to wait for our ‘sewing ladies’, (who volunteer for us and make our individual covers for our museum objects), who will be back in summer to help make the rest of the covers.  For the time being we have draped them in the same fabric that we use to make the covers out of to protect them.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask or if you would personally like to see our attics why not book yourself in to our “What’s in Store” tours.   These will be taking place on the 30th June, 25th August and 27th October, so if you’re interested it costs £2.50 per person and you need to book a place so call 01283 5853347.



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