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Attic 6 project – Week Three

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while since we have given you any updates on the Attic 6 project.

Well, since returning after Christmas, we have been busy preparing for our new exhibition “From Playmobil to Puppy Love – Growing up in the 1970s” and for our upcoming attic tours “What’s in Store?”.

But there is also another reason, which is wonderful news but sad at the same time! Rose, another collections volunteer, has left to begin working at Hardwick Hall, leaving me, Rebecca undertaking the Attic 6 Project, on my for the time being. Everyone from Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum if Childhood wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavours, and hope she returns when the project is finished to let us know what she thinks!

Hopefully we will soon have a new volunteer starting, who will be raring to go and will help to complete the project before the cold weather returns again.

As you have seen in previous blogs, we have been working like crazy, so this week has been a bit dull in comparison. We have had to update our computer software MODES, with all the conservation work we have done, so that there is a record of all the work undertaken.

You have seen a few items that we have within Attic 6, but I thought you might want to know.

This beautiful spilt cane furniture, which is wonderfully adorable, is dated circa 1950. We do not know much about who made the furniture.




 This Victorian highchair was made by an English Furniture marker: Frank Hadfield, which was made in Chapel en le Frith. This dark wooden highchair is dated 1875 and also converts into a rocking chair.


This blue and red steamroller is one of my favorite items, the owner of this toy was very lucky. It was made by Keystone Mfr Co, Mssachusetts, Boston, USA. When the front wheel does a full turn the bell under the hood makes a tiny ring.


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